People met by Sexy Cakes

Name Status Sexy Cakes Description
  AirieAlive Dadisha OtherMet by
  Alain AspectAlive Ilsigi WizardHeard ofWizard who stole books from Sexy Cakes
  Alten StulwigAlive Ilsigi SailorMet byCaptain of Sea Swallow
  AmarDead Ilsigi ServantMet byButler for Sexy Cakers
  AnenDead Ilsigi GodMet byGoddess of Vengence
  ArbalastDead Ilsigi PriestMet byAssistant to Hazroah
  ArgashAlive Rankan SoldierHeard ofRankan General in Ils - Sacked Kamm
  ArmanAlive Rankan SoldierHeard ofHell Hound
  AskelonAlive Unknown GodMet byDeamon Lord
  AthavulAlive Ilsigi WizardMet byWorks for Kemren
  BalustrusAlive Rankan SailorMet byShip Captain
  Bauchle MeyneAlive Unknown MerchantMet byOwns and operates traveling circus
  Benna nus-KatarzUnknown Ilsigi MerchantMet byRich merchant in Kamm
  BercyAlive Ilsigi ServantMet byButler for Regli
  BourneDead Rankan SoldierMet byHell Hound. Plotted to steal Kadakithus's Royal Scepter
  CelindaAlive Niblisi WizardHeard ofMember of Mygdonian high council.
  ChanAlive Dadisha OtherMet by
  CimeAlive Rankan WizardMet byHalf-sister of Tempus
  CorlasDead Ilsigi CriminalMet byFighter for Gwendo
  CusherlainAlive Rankan ServantMet byButler for Sexy Cakes
  CythenDead Ilsigi MercenaryMet byFormer Hawk-mask
  DarousAlive Unknown ServantMet byServant to Enas Yorl
  DindanDead Rankan NobleMet byResponsible for buring of Goking's house
  DurboAlive Ilsigi MerchantMet byBlacksmith - Married to Illyra
  DyareelaDead Unknown GodMet byBanned Goddess. Killed by Sexy Cakes. Very Bloodthirsty.
  EinorDead Ilsigi NobleMet bySelf-proclaimed king in Kamm
  Enas YorlAlive Unknown WizardMet byOne of the most powerful Wizards in world
  EshiAlive Ilsigi GodHeard ofGoddess of Love
  EshilAlive Ilsigi GodMet byGoddess of herbs, shrubs, small plants
  EvroenAlive Unknown CriminalHeard ofBandit in Moutains