People met by Sexy Cakes

Name Status Sexy Cakes Description
  EvroenAlive Unknown CriminalHeard ofBandit in Moutains
  FarsiDead Ilsigi WizardMet byWorked for Kemren
  FraxAlive Ilsigi SailorMet byCaptain - Hates nobility
  GeliciaDead Ilsigi NobleMet byWife of Lord Podnu. Her spirit was put into a sword
  GwendoUnknown Unknown CriminalHeard ofNew Crime Lord
  HakiemAlive Ilsigi Poor/BeggerMet byMaster storyteller
  HaronAlive Ilsigi SailorMet byCaptain - Escaped Bey-sib with Sexy Cakes - captain of Intruder
  HazroahAlive Ilsigi PriestMet byHigh Flamen of Ils
  HonaldAlive Rankan SoldierMet bySacred Bander
  HortAlive Ilsigi OfficialMet byCaravan yard master of Sacntuary
  IllyraAlive S'Danzo Worker,Alive Ilsigi WorkerMet bySeer in Baazar. Married to Durbo
  IlsAlive Ilsigi GodHeard ofLord of Lords - Ils of a Thousand Eyes
  IschadeAlive Niblisi WizardMet by
  JagatAlive Rankan NobleMet byOne of 15 governors of Tygoth
  JanniDead Rankan MercenaryMet bySacred Bander killed by Roxanne
  JarvennaDead Unknown WorkerMet byEnlibar translator for Maliot
  JihanAlive Rankan NobleMet by"Advisor" to Jagat
  JiroAlive Ilsigi ServantMet byServant of Jack "The Rack" Crow. Named Sancho
  JubalUnknown Ilsigi CriminalMet byCrime Lord
  KadakithusAlive Rankan NobleMet byPrince-Governor of Sanctuary. Half-Brother to Emperor
  Kal-ThuAlive Unknown GodMet byTempus's new God
  KemrenAlive Unknown WizardMet byThe Purple Mage
  KheemAlive Cirdonian Noble,Alive Cirdonian SoldierMet byLeader of group of Cirdonian Soldiers
  KiliteAlive Rankan NobleMet byTrade in drugs
  KulDead Ilsigi WizardMet byWorked for Kemren
  KurdDead Ilsigi MerchantMet byVivisectionist
  KurdDead Ilsigi WizardMet byVivisectionist. Experimented on Tempus.
  Lacan AjamiAlive Niblisi WizardMet byVice- Chancellor of Tygoth Mageguild
  LirainDead Rankan ServantMet byConcubineof Kadakithus who plotted to steal royal scepter
  LycanshaAlive Ilsigi Servant,Alive Ilsigi ProstituteMet byMaid for Sexy Cakes