Spell: Directed Force
Sphere: Movement Frequency: Common

Difficulty: 2 + 1 level
Drain: 6 + 2 level
Range: 15L ft. Duration: 0.5L seconds
Damage/Effect: Force Area: Level ft. square
Effect: This spell creates a physical force equal to the character's mass at shoving/walking velocity and directs it outward at the caster's will for the duration of the spell or until the caster's concentration is otherwise broken. Note that since the amount of force is equivelant to that which the caster can normally employ, items or creatures that the caster could not physically move normally will not be affected. It is quite useful, however, in knocking things off balance (such as other casters), pushing open unlatched doors, or affecting things which are otherwise out of reach. Note that movement of Directed Force is always away from - never toward or parallel to - the caster. Think of this as an outward shove radiating in a straight line from the caster.