Spell: Commune with Nature Spirits
Sphere: Nature Frequency: Common

Difficulty: 1 + 1 level
Drain: 1 + 1 level
Range: Self Duration: L Questions
Damage/Effect: Communication Area: 10L ft. radius
Description: This spell enables th caster to contact any natural spirits of the sort who dwell in wood, plant, spring, stone, sky, etc. within an area of 10level ft. radius. The caster is thus able to query these spirits for information regarding the surrounding terrain and conditions in nearby regions, what sort of fauna is present, who or what passed through the area recently, and so forth. Note that the time duration is stated in questions. The caster being able to pose one relatively short query per level. Questions must be brief and simple, because, in general, the sorts of nature spirits contacted via this spell are usually either not very bright , or not overly cooperative.