Spell: Birdflock
Sphere: Summoning Frequency: Common

Difficulty: 1 + 2 level
Drain: 1 + 3 level
Range: 60L ft. Duration: 5L minutes
Damage/Effect: Ld3 birds Area: 60 ft radius
Description: This spell empowers its casters to call to themselves as many as level d3 birds. The caster must make certain whistling and chirping sounds to activate the spell. Normall avians of all species and varieties will then flock to the area of 60 ft. radius. The flock will be of all species of birds within the range indicated, including prey and predator kinds, all in harmony for the duration of the spell. A caster can have the responding birds eat fruit or insects or the like, attack other fauna, including humans, or simply swoop and flutter so as to obscure vision and confuse subjects within the area.