Spell: Bedazzling Lights
Sphere: Illusion Frequency: Rare

Difficulty: 1 + 1 level
Drain: 1 + 1 level
Range: 15L ft. Duration: L minutes
Damage/Effect: Hypnosis Area: 5L ft. radius
Description: By use of this spell the caster brings forth an array of dark and silver hues which weave a visual dweomer that casts a hypnotic effect similar to hypnosis. It will influence multiple subjects of human/humanoid sort only, not animals, within the area of the spells effect, causing them to stand bedazzled by the play of light and shadow unless each subject is able to make a roll against 1/2 its intelligence. Those bedazzled will do nothing save enjoy the "show" until the time duration expires, unless they are threatened, attacked, harmed, etc.