Spell: Icewall
Sphere: Energy Frequency: Common

Difficulty: 2 + 3 level
Drain: 3 + 2 level
Range: Level ft. Duration: 5L minutes
Damage/Effect: Ice Wall Area: L cubic yards
Description: This spell creates a magical barrier of ice, horizontally or vertically, as the caster designates. The effect must rest on a solid surface to activate properly - i.e., it can't be activated on a ceiling, in thin air, etc. It can be cast so as to cover an opening in the ground/floor surface, if the area of effect of the casting extends well beyond all edges of the opening. It can be formed in a circle to protect or contain those within its area of effect. Contact on exposed flesh will inflict 1d3 physical damage points every 3 seconds because of its elemental chill. Normal clothing will provide 2 points of insulation versus the 1d3 roll. Special (arctic) clothing will protect fully against the cold. The dimensions of the barrier created may be any combination of height/width/depth up to level cubic yards. However, for every three feet of height given a vertical wall, there must be at least one foot of thickness, or else even this incredibly cold stuff will crumble under its own weight.