Spell: Winblast
Sphere: Alteration Frequency: Common

Difficulty: 4 + 3 level
Drain: 7 + 3 level
Range: 150 ft. Duration: 1 minute
Damage/Effect: 20 + 5L mph Area: 9L ft. radius
Description: Effect: By means of this spell the caster is able to create an enchanted draft of air. Furthermore, this casting's actual activation can be held for up to 30 seconds. The effect blasts forth from the caster's outstretched palms, the wind thus generated sweeping ahead for 165level feet. The results of this effect are measured on the following scale:
Level Windspeed Effect Description
1 25 mph fresh breeze small trees sway, inland water waves crest
2 30 mph strong breeze large branches sway, light objects blow
3 35 mph near gale trees move, walking vs. wind difficult
4 40 mph moderate gale twigs breaking, walking half rate
5 45 mph fresh gale large loose objects blown around
6 50 mph strong gale tree limbs break, movement half normal
7 55 mph whole gale small trees uprooted, roofs torn
8 60 mph storm people blown down/around
9 65 mph violent storm large trees uprooted, structural damage
10 75+ mph hurricane devastating effects on all in path
The exact property and physical damage inflicted is up to the GM based on the locale, but 1d2 points impact damage per 3 seconds per 5 mph over 55 mph for exposed subjects is a fair benchmark.