Spell: Quagmire
Sphere: Alteration Frequency: Rare

Difficulty: 5 + 2 level
Drain: 4 + 2 level
Range: 10L yards Duration: 5L minutes
Damage/Effect: Quagmire Area: Special
Description: Effect: This spell affects normal dirt, rock and finished stone, changing it to a middy mire if it is on a horizontal plane. This stuff can be crossed by any creature able to traverse water/liquid, but others will be in trouble, as the mire is similar to quicksand in its peril. The area of spell effect depends on the material to be subjected to this spell per level of the Spell:
wet or damp dirt (normal ground): 16.5 ft.2 to 16.5 feet depth
dry, parched dirt or sand: 16.5 ft.2 to 1 yard depth
clay, gravel, rocky ground: 1 yard2 to 1 yard depth
solid natural rock: 1 ft.3
dressed, finished stonework: 1/2 ft.3, but up to 1 ft. depth
Any creature not able to walk on the surface of the spell's area will sink into the stuff at the rate of one foot per 3 seconds. Once deeper than breathing orifices, the subject creature will drown in 1-2 minutes time. Mire of one yard depth will slow all movement to 10% of normal walking rate, and any subjects so mired will present excellent targets unable to evade attacks. Clinging mud of one foot depth slows the movement rate of all earthbound creatures to one-half normal, and evasive movement is impossible. Half that depth will cut movement by 10%, but evasive movement remains impossible. Note that if the subject area is a floor and the thickness of that surface is equalled or exceeded by the depth of the effect area, then the floor will collapse in the area of effect, raining down its mire, plus all within it, to impact on whatever is beneath.