1998 - 2000 Forgotten Realms AD&D 

    The group started off at Castle Crag in North Cormyr. During their first adventure, the group met Baron Heidelburg, a former Hero of  Cormyr with questionable loyalties and motivations. After assisting with the annexation Tilverton, they worked for the Cormyrian general Lady Silverhand, fighting both Scardale and Zhentil Keep during the Dalelands War. A constant thorn in the side of the party was Lord Niltor, commander of the Zhentil forces in Scardale after the war.

    Traveling to the Southlands, the group briefly assisted a magic using baron's daughter by the name of Andrella, while fighting a mysterious organization know as the Iron Throne. Traveling up the Sword Coast, there were several run-ins with Lord Pilt, a particularly evil Zhentil lord. The final encounter started with Renee, the NPC Bard getting captured by the Zhentil and ended with her killing Pilt with his own sword and claiming it as her own.

    Traveling back to Cormyr, the party was reunited with Andrella at the start of the time of Troubles. Traveling to Shadowdale, the party was convicted of killing Elminster the Sage, but escaped (after Rene killed half of the Shadowdale town guard). After a run-in with Lord Niltor in Scardale, the group witnessed the death of Bane and Helm at Tantras. After crossing half a continent, Rene killed the god Bahal, absorbing his energy. In Waterdeep, the Tablets of Fate were returned, and both Renee and Andrella became goddesses.

    After becoming Harpers, the group encountered several old adversaries. Lord Pilt, was now undead with an army of undead. Baron Heidleburg was now the High Priest of Renee, being backed by the Iron Throne. After killing Pilt (again), Lord Heidelburg was finally cornered on a ship outside of Calimshan. Calling of Renee for assistance, Renee showed a sense of humor and teleported him and the party back to Castle Crag, now a holding of Lady Silverhand.

    After Heidelburg was killed, a full state funeral was held, with King Azoun IV himself attending. The night after the funeral, Lord Niltor led an attack on Castle Crag the destroyed the keep, briefly killing the king (he had multiple contingency spells that teleported him to a safe place where he was resurrected).  With the help of the King's griffon riders, the party infiltrated Castle Scardale, and after a terrible battle, killed Lord Niltor.

    It is said the group is now in retirement.