Monthly Report of the Breakfast Club

               May, Year of the Worm (D.R. 1356)


Members of the Club

*Scott:   Dara                    Human Female Paladin of Tyr

*Sarah:   Eiram                   Human Female Cleric of Tyr

*Atul:    Ducker                  Elf Male Magic User/Thief

*Alok:    Heimdall                Dwarf Male Fighter

*Ben:     Gorbash                 Human Male Transmuter

*Tom:     "Monk"                  Half-Orc Male Fighter/Thief

Scott:    Betty Jo Bobby Sue      Human Female Bard

Amy:      Shando                  Half-Elf Female Bard

Chuck:    Haddaggoi               Human Male Paladin of Tyr

Shawn:    Blackthorn              Elf Male Ranger

Heather: Ernie                   Gnome Female Magic User

Emerald:  A'kerre                 Half-Elf Female Druid of Silvanus

*    Denotes Charter members of the Club: January 14, Year of the    Worm (D.R. 1356).


Mission Statement

     The Breakfast Club is a profit earning adventuring  organization incorporated under the laws of the Kingdom of Cormyr and its king, Azoun IV. The Club is also approved by the Holy temple of Tyr and the Royal Mageguild of Suzail. The Club was first organized by the Temple of Tyr, Threshold branch, on January 14, Year of the Worm (Dale Reckoning 1356. The Club received an official license to operate in the city of Arabel on February 24, of the same year. Formerly based in Suzail, the Club is now headquartered in Tilverton, where its offices are located.

     The club is well balanced in the areas of Magic, Religion, Fighting, and Thieving. There are even two bards in the Club, thus making it one of the most diversified groups in Cormyr. While the Club is currently in the service of the kingdom of Cormyr, the Club can still satisfy the majority of outside requests it receives. The Club believes that no job is too large or too small, for they have successfully carried out jobs ranging from killing a renegade mage to exploring a magical island, to raiding a Zhentil stronghold and escaping alive. If you feel that you need a high quality, low profile job done for a reasonable price please feel free to contact a member of the Breakfast Club at the Silver Tankard Tavern in Tilverton.


Interesting people the Club has met.

     Doust Sulwood- Lord of Shadowdale

     Lhaeo- Scribe for Elminster

     Rangon Markil- Governor of Tilverton.


     Vangerdahast- Royal mage of Cormyr


     Lord Thiombar- ruler of Dhedluk. Runs the Blushing Maiden Tavern.

     Alypia- Daughter of Lord Thiombar, rescued by Club

     Petronas- Captain of Acme Mercenary group.

     Gravas- Drill Sergeant of Acme Mercenary.

     Antimon- Ranger of Lord Thiombar.

     Buster the Larger- Captain of Buster Mercenary group.


     Thagor- Ancient mage whose home was ransacked by Club.


     Robin Smith- Soldier the Club worked with at Castle Crag. Now General of the Breakfast Warriors mercenary group

     Baron Hildenburg- Baron of Castle Crag. Ripped off by Club.




Current events in the Realms


     Combined armies of Cormyr, Zhentil Keep, Hillsfar, and the Free Dalelands attack and crush Scardale. Lord Lashan flees.



     Emperor Lashan closes all trade routs to outsiders. The nations of Cormyr and Zhentil keep start massing armies along to borders of Scardale occupied territory.



     A joint statement by the nations of Zhentil Keep, Cormyr, Sembia, and Hillsfar proclaims that if the trade routes are closed it will be considered an act of war.

     The Breakfast Club, and adventuring group and part of the Cormyr special forces, broke into Emperor Lashan's palace in Scardale, ransacking the palace. Pilutik Walonter, the third ranking mage in Scardale, was killed. After stealing much of the Emperor's treasure, the group escaped by sea.

     Major rebuilding efforts continue in the Moonsea cities after the dragon attack. Lord Manshoon of Zhentil Keep sends out messengers to inform the world that any attack against any of the Moonsea cities will be considered a declaration of war against Zhentil Keep, and the Zhentil forces will destroy any nation that interferes with these cities.



     It is announced the Alusair Nacacia, youngest daughter of King Azoun IV, has run away. Rumors say she was spotted in Tilverton in the early summer.

     Large revolts start in the Southwestern and Southeastern Dalelands as many mercenary groups are bought off by local residents with the help of money from Sembia, Cormyr, Zhentil Keep, and Hillsfar.

     Sembia, Zhentil Keep, Cormyr, and Hillsfar start talking about making an alliance.

     Scardale sends an emissary to Shadowdale, offering an alliance. Shadowdale refuses and Scardale declares war on Shadowdale.

     Scardale forces contract and start to fortify their positions, giving up High Dale, Archendale, Deepingdale, and most of Tassledale.

     Lord Lashan declares himself Emperor of the Dalelands and the Elven forest.



     Forces from Scardale attack Harrowdale, Featherdale, Tassledale, Battledale, Deepingdale, Archendale, and High Dale. Within three weeks all of the Dales except Mistdale, Shadowdale, and Daggerdale are controlled by Lord Lashan. Scardale keeps the main Hillsfar-Sembia-Cormyr roads open.

     Gharri, high priest of Gond in Tilverton has announced the formal annexation of his town by Cormyr. More Cormyr troops are sent to Tilverton.

     A force of Scardale special forces was destroyed by a group of troops of Cormyr while exploring the ruins of Myth Drannor.

     Lord Lashan of Scardale names himself King of the Dalelands and launches an attack on Mistdale. Scardale takes half of Mistdale before being stopped at the River Ashaba.

     Most of the elfs have now left their forest, traveling west and sailing to Evermeet, their island kingdom in the Trackless Sea.



     Army from Cormyr reaches Tilverton, killing thousands of orcs in the process. The road from Tilverton to Arabel is now cleared of monsters. Tilverton is left as an independent city. Priests of Tyr begin construction on a huge temple in Tilverton. Priest Gharri of Ghond, Elder of the town has not yet decided if his town will be annexed by Cormyr.

     A group from Cormyr known as "The Breakfast Club" successfully raided the town hall of Voonlar, stealing many documents and burning down the building before they escaped. By the time the fires were put out, about a quarter of the city was ashes. Lord Manshoon of Zhentil Keep has put a 10,000 GP a head bounty on the group.

     The nation of Cormyr signs an alliance with Doust Sulwood of Shadowdale.

     The temple of Bane in Voonlar was sacked and burned by a small force led by Doust Sulwood of Shadowdale. Over 500 priests were taken hostage by the group, even though the most powerful priests used magical means to escape to Zhentil Keep. Shadowdale apologized to the people of Voonlar, claiming that its fight was with the Zhentil, not them.

     Dragons have come form the northeast and attacked the Moonsea cities and the Dalelands. Phlan is now a smoking ruin, home to a red dragon. Melvaunt was attacked by a smaller dragon that now holds part of the city. A dragon was seen going towards Citadel of the Raven. Much of Zhentil keep was destroyed by fires as the mages and fighters of the city fought off a dragon. Yulash was completely ruined by a dragon that then flew to Shadowdale. The witch Sylune died at Shadowdale as she broke a magic staff to kill the dragon. The elves killed another dragon that set fire to part of the forest. The body of a huge dragon now lies half-submerged in the harbor of Hillsfar, where it was killed by the mages of Hillsfar. Rumors start up about a "Dragon-cult" who believes that the world should be ruled by dragons.

     Various merchants and travelers in the Dalelands have noticed that almost now elves have been seen in the last few months.

     Raithspur, Captain of the guard of Ordulin, has issued a decree banning all elves and half-elves from Sembian soil. No formal reason has been given, but there are rumors of the councilors of Ordulin being scared of a drow invasion helped out by other elves.

     Lord Lashan of Shadowdale has offered to send troops to help rebuild ruined towns.



     In Central Cormyr the Baron of Taron was apparently killed when the mercenaries he was planning on using to fight Lord Thiombar of Dhedluk turned against him.

     Scardale appears to be massing large numbers of troops. Other dales appear the be worried about both the build up in Scardale and the always lurking menace of Zhentil Keep.

     The Iron Throne Merchant group announces that it will allow weapons to be transported in order to fight the Goblins of Desertsedge, but if any weapons make their way into the Dalelands then sanctions will be imposed against the participating nations and companies. Thrond of Wyvernwater has made himself spokesman for the group. The leaders of Shadowdale, Mistdale, and Tilver's gap have already denounced the group.

     The Armies of Amn have turned back wandering devils and have advanced across the border. The 600-mile stretch of the Sword Coast is one huge battleground. The Forest of the Wood Elves is one charred ruin. Baldur's Gate is virtual under siege by orcs, trolls, bugbears, mages, and devils. Several villages north of Waterdeep have been sacked.

     Trade in the North has come to a halt. The cost of all goods in Waterdeep had risen sharply. Shiploads of mercenaries are arriving at Waterdeep every day, putting a further drain on the economy. Caravans from the Central realms are heading south through Calimshan, avoiding Cormyr and Amn.



     Major fighting going on South of Waterdeep between Waterdeep and strange devil-like creatures.

     Cormyr has sent a small army from High Horn to Tilver's Gap through Gnoll Pass to fight off orcs. Orcs threaten Tilver's Gap, Mistdale, Shadowdale. Talk going on about Cormyr annexing Tilver's Gap.

     Shadowdale has repulsed an attack from Zhentil Keep.

     Major shipbuilding activity in Melvaunt.

     The rulers of Cormyr, Sembia, The Dalelands, and Hillsfar have received letters from a new trading group called the Iron Throne announcing the formation of the new group and its intent to control the overland trade of weapons in the area. It says it does not wish to rule anyone, but will not obey the laws of any king.



     Plans have been mad for the marriage of Selfaril, high Blade of Mulmaster, and Tharchioness, First Princess of Thay.

     The red wizards of Thay have summoned large numbers of elementals to fight rebellious satraps.

     Large bands of orcs surge south, overrunning Daggerdale. Trade to the Northern Dalelands once again halts as Shadow Gap and Tilver's Gap are attacked.



     The Baron Hildenburg of Castle Crag cleared out the main Monster base at Gnoll Pass. Trade to the Northern Dalelands increases.



     Fierce fighting in Sword Coast lands south of Waterdeep. Dragonspear Castle has been besieged and burnt by troops of Waterdeep, but the devils are loose on the Open Marches. The Merchant-Kings of Amn are massing armies on their north borders.

     Attacks on travelers in Gnoll Pass increase.