November - D.R 1356

10   Forces from Cormyr and Zhentil Keep cross the Ashabenford into Eastern Mistdale. Hillsfar forces launch an attack on Essembra.

11   Tassledale forces cross the River Ashaba into Battledale.

12   Essembra falls. Cormyr and Zhentil Forces reach Essembra.

13   Armies rest and prepare to march on Scardale

15   Featherdale is overrun.

17   Troops enter Scardale.

21   The city of Scardale is put under siege.

23   Large numbers of organized Goblins are seen north of Cormyr.

24   Scardale falls. Lord Lashan is not found.

26   Treaty of Scardale is signed by Cormyr, Sembia, Zhentil Keep, Hillsfar, and by all Dales except Scardale.

30   The Breakfast Club is sent to investigate the Goblins.



10   The Breakfast Club returns to Cormyr with a little information.

17   The Breakfast Club is sent out again.

19   The city of Scornubel is attacked by a goblin army under the command of Zhentil Keep.

21   Scornubel falls.

22   The Breakfast club is reportedly killed at the Zhentil Stonelands Keep.

23   A large disturbance is reported in the Threshold Pass Cormyr army garrison.

24   Early in the morning in Suzail a small army of troops marches to the royal palace. Fierce fighting continues through the morning, but the troops break in. King Azoun is wounded while defending the throne room and is teleported to High Horn, where he is killed. Army units meet fierce resistance at the Mage Guild, have to lay siege to the complex. By night most of the city is in the hands of the army.

25   The Commanders of the Army declare King Azoun IV and his family dead, and declare Baron Hildenburg of Castle Crag to be the new king. The cities of Marsember and Arabel are taken by the army.

26   Fighting between army units breaks out in Tilverton as the streets become a battlefield. The Wyvrenspur family defends the city of Immersea against an army attack, blocking the main Suzail-Arabel road. The leaders of Hultain, Wheloon, Hilp, and Tyruk support Hildenburg, while the leaders of Waymoot, Dhedluk, Espar, and Eveningstar oppose him.

27 The mage guild of Suzail falls, but no sign is left of most of the high-ranking Wizards. King Hildenburg makes his entry into Suzail.

28   The fighting ends in Tilverton, with the opponents to Baron Hildenburg victorious. Governor Rangon Markil flees.

29   Princess Tanalasta makes her first public appearance in Dhedluk, where she is crowned Queen by the mage Vangderdahast and Lorst Faril, former High Priest of Tempus in Suzail.

30   Forces loyal to Queen Tanalasta turn back an army group south of Waymoot.

31   Troops marching from Castle Crag to Tilverton have to turn back due to the snow in the passes.


January - D.R. 1357 

2    Immersea falls to the forces of King Hildenburg.

3    King Hildenburg releases a list of 782 people who are now outlaws and whose property now belongs to him. Most of these people are nobles, mages, and army commanders who don't support him, but the list also includes several clerics and a few adventuring parties.

6    A fight breaks out in Scardale between garrisons sent by the two Cormyr governments. The Dalelands council agrees to support Queen Tanalasta, with Zhentil Keep, Sembia, and Tassledale voting for Hildenburg's representative.

10   A truce is agreed upon as both sides start to consolidate holdings, make alliances, and hire mercenaries.

18   Flaming Fist Mercenary Company starts to gather at Elturel.

24   Rumors say the Breakfast Club was spotted in Soubar.



8    Positive sightings of the Breakfast Club, less one member, made in Baldur's Gate.

9    Last members of the Flaming Fist gather at Elturel, march on Scornubel.

15   Queen Tanalasta claims Hildenburg broke truce, orders attack on Immersea.

18   Scornubel is recaptured by Flaming Fist, but Zhentil forces burnt down most of town as they retreated.

19   Siege placed on Immersea.

28   Immersea captured.



3    Forces from Castle Crag march North to take Tilverton.

15   Immersea placed under siege by army units from Arabel.

16   Lady Reagent Alasalynn leads troops as walls of Tilverton hold.

18   Supported by mercenaries and adventurers, Lady Reagent Alasalynn leads army out of Tilverton and crushes Hildenburg's troops from Castle Crag.

31   Alasalynn arrives at Castle Crag, begins siege.



3    As army units in Arabel leave for Immersea and Castle Crag, riots break out as citizens revolt, taking over large sections of the city.

7    Siege is lifted on Immersea as troops march to retake Arabel.

9    Entire Zhentil trading post in Baldur's gate killed in fighting between rival factions.

14   Army reaches Arabel, fierce street fighting breaks out.

22   Army units marching from Castle Crag and Tyrluk to Arabel are stopped at Eveningstar.

29   Army units move out of Arabel, try to starve the city into submission.



7    Army at Arabel is crushed by forces personally led by Queen Tanalasta.

13   Tyrluk falls. Supply routs to High Horn from the west are cut off.

17   Castle Crag surrenders. All of northern Cormyr except High Horn belongs to Queen Tanalasta.

31   The Queen's army takes Hilp.



2    The Queen's army is forced to retreat while trying to cross the Starwater south of Hilp.

10   The Queen's army crosses the Starwater.

23   Suzail is surrounded.

25   Battle of Suzail. Two bands made up mostly of Harpers force open the two gates. The Knights of Myth Drannor attack the main palace. Doust Sulwood kills King Hildenberg.

26   Queen Tanalasta officialy takes the throne of her father in the central throne room in Suzail.